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Let's start to know the real Buddhism

There are 4 type of monk in Buddhism.

Sodaban: person who know all well, of couse: not want go back down

Sak-ka-ta-ka-mi: person who will not do bad things anymore

Ana-ka-mi: who win sex, not want sex anymore, but have something better than sex, sit close eyes and can see anything, can call countless happyness. This is the most fun path of Buddhism.

Ara-han: can win happyness in Anakami level, not afraid death, not have any ego in all time.


Most of people in Thailand forgot, ignore, don't know, don't understand these 4 type of monk.The most monks is not any kink of these Buddha's divide monk! They not attain in any level.It's not matter what you look like, not different from outside, it diffrent in inside, in-mind.


*book shown in this web site can make you know all things in Buddhism.

After you understand you will not attain Sodaban, the attain ussally happen when you teach somebody, you hard study it or you litten to it. for example, you know all but you still skeptical that shown you, you is not attain Sodaban yet.

in this web site, we only learn how to reach, to make you attain, Sodaban. It means this site can give you knowledgement only. And this site give you pictures from Suanmok, the place that like opened temple or temple near a mountain that different from normal temple because it give you near the nature, give you be alone and sit and watch your breath called "Samathi siting". Best kink of Samathi siting is Ana-pan-na-sa-ti. There are many kinds of them, but Buddha choose Anapanasati. He use it himself too. It has 4 step, one: learn to make fine or detail breath, it can stop pain, can do anythings. In ancient India, people use Anapannasati handly, but they can go through it to other things. Even in medical today doctor tell pateint to breath! step2: use fine breath to control body, step3: control mind, picture in mind and forgot sex in this step, enjoy new kind of happyness, step4: pass the happyness thing it still not true, until pass it, now you are Arahan. Nothing can beat you anymore. Even the death.

In the way to do for Anakami, if you can do it in some long time, you will have picture in your mind, you keep it, control it, and you have some streng happyness. This step is very hard and took long time. Find the book name Apannasati for all detail. Buddhatasa Bhicku write many books in English, maybe there is this book. If not you can read other book of his.


tip: *if you not attain Sodaban don't try to do any otherthing than reading the good and right Buddhism book. Teach other people and when they ask you, you come back to find answer is the best way to attain to Sodaban. (if I don't tell you to do this: it's hard to be Sodaban monk but now you know it, it's maybe easy.) (I can tell you, it's may take 4 years in study from books and 2 years to answer question)

Suanmok has "international Suanmok" near Suanmok. There are lots of monk from England USA of something. The funny is most of Thai peoples not interesting in Buddhism, but English peoples come and stay there.

There are also most monk and people that don't know these knowledge. They smoke, watch movie, have decreet sex, talk to make people and make them give him money.


All main relegion in the world are very good.

Buddhism seems not like relegion, but science.


Saran Punyakirti

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